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MUNDI TRADE, INC. E-mail: Last update: July 21, 2020 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THIS PRIVACY NOTICE (the “Notice”) THAT WE MAKE AVAILABLE TO YOU IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE LEGISLATION IN FORCE OF THE UNITED MEXICAN STATES (“Mexico”) ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA. Privacy Notice: This PRIVACY NOTICE is intended to allow you to use our products and services knowing that your Personal Data will be protected. Personal Data is the information corresponding to an identified or identifiable legal and natural person, such as name, identification number or location data. The security and privacy of your Personal Data is our priority. That is the reason why we take precautions when collecting and manipulating this information through physical and electronic protections and procedures, training our employees in the proper handling of it in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing it. For the knowledge of our users, this Notice discloses the policies that govern any operation or set of operations (automated or not) for the collection, registration and consultation of your Personal Data carried out by MUNDI TRADE, INC. (“Mundi”), address at 19 West 24th Street, 10th Floor, New York, 10010 NY, United States. Ownership of Personal Data At all times belongs to the user, you are the only Owner of the Personal Data that has been provided by you. By accepting this Notice, we act as those responsible for the Processing of your Personal Data and we promise only to collect and use them in accordance with the provisions of this Notice and exclusively for the purposes that you have authorized as provided herein. Any information obtained by Mundi from the public environment and that has not been provided by you within the framework of the Mundi platform is excluded from treatment according to the policies of this Notice. Personal Data provided by the user Mundi will belong to the collected Personal Data necessary for the formalization of the type of product requested or required by you; by way of example, but not limited to, Mundi may collect: Identification data: full name, date of birth, identity document, signature. Contact information: telephone number, email, address. Labor data; company where you work, occupation, position, area or department, as well as address, telephone, work email, employment references, personal references and commercial references, among others. Fiscal, patrimonial and financial data: RFC, login credentials to fiscal and banking entities, billing history and financial transaction history, report of credit bureau. Business data: financial statements, sales projections, customer portfolios. As used in this document, "Personal Data'' are all those provided by the user that alone or combined with other information can be used to easily identify, contact or locate a specific natural person. Additionally, Mundi may collect information about legal entities that will be treated under the same policies detailed in the Personal Data Processing section of this Notice. Personal Data obtained from the use of Mundi products and its external service providers can be collected and stored automatically with the use of their products in electronic media, using cookies and other mechanisms. A cookie is a piece of information that our web server sends to your computer when you use our products. They are used to differentiate one user from another and to pass information from one page to another during a single User's website session. Most Internet browsers allow you to block and delete cookies, although the Products may not work as effectively as a result. Mundi may receive and record information on its server from cookies, including your IP address, date and time of access and duration of the session, among other data. Treatment of Personal Data Mundi will not share your Personal Data with the general public. Mundi will not share your Personal Data with third parties for purposes that are not strictly related to the operation and marketing of Mundi's own products. Mundi will use and share your Personal Data individually only for the following specific purposes (which in turn are not possible without the authorization of consulting the same Data): To manage, operate and monitor Mundi products, including send you messages and notifications related to said operation such as reminders and notices of transactions, approval or cancellation of products and functionality, among others. To direct and send advertisements and marketing campaigns to offer the user products and services. We will always provide the user with a mechanism that will allow to opt out of receiving such advertisements and marketing materials as part of the collaboration with third parties that act as service providers for the correct operation of Mundi products (but not limited to: data authentication, credit analysis, identity verification, extraction of tax receipts and banking history). As part of the joint work with affiliated companies, subsidiaries or controllers that are part of the same business group or associated entities in the event that Mundi is involved in a merger, acquisition, sale of assets or other similar operation, in a manner to transfer the information collected as an integral part of the operation (as permitted by applicable law). Apart from the foregoing, Mundi may use information in an aggregated and anonymized form for any purpose. The handling of Personal Data described in this Privacy Notice is subject to compliance with the requirements imposed by judicial and governmental authorities of the different countries where Mundi operates. Mundi may disclose your Personal Data in the event that it is expressly provided by a legal order. Protection of Personal Data At Mundi we have the appropriate technical, administrative and organizational security measures to guarantee a level of security that allows us to protect your Personal Data against any destruction, loss, accidental or illegal alteration, and unauthorized communication or access. Among these measures, is the use of encryption technologies for the transmission and storage of all the Personal Data collected. Mundi performs security tests frequently, trying to guarantee the integrity and security of its information systems. In the same way, all third parties with whom we collaborate as service providers for the correct operation of our products have comparable levels of demand in terms of information security policies. Exercise of ARCO rights, where the user has the right to revoke at any time consent for the use of the Personal Data that has been given. Additionally, to have the right to access and rectify the user’s Personal Data, as well as to request their deletion. However, it is important that it’s beared in mind that not in all cases we will be able to respond to the request immediately, since we may need to continue treating your personal data temporarily, either due to a legal obligation or because of a product, on a date prior to its closing. Likewise, the user should consider that, for certain purposes, the revocation of consent will imply that we cannot continue to provide the requested service, or the conclusion of the relationship with us. To revoke consent, the user must submit their request in writing through the following email: The Request must contain, at least, the following information: Full name and email or address to communicate the response to application The documents that prove your identity (i.e. valid official identification) or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the person who processes the Request on your behalf A clear description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of the ARCO rights Any other element or document that facilitates the identification of your personal data. In the case of requests for rectification of personal data, you must indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports your request. Changes to the Privacy Notice We may revise this Privacy Notice at any time, and the use of a product or services after such revision constitutes acceptance of the new Privacy Notice by the user.